Kristie Fiegen Public Utilities Commission

Learn Why the PUC is Important to You

Interesting facts about the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission:

  • South Dakotans elect their three Public Utilities Commissioners to staggered, six-year terms.
  • The PUC ensures utility companies in South Dakota provide safe and reliable service.
  • The Commission regulates investor-owned electric, natural gas and telephone utilities. It plays a more limited regulatory role with respect to wireless communication companies and cooperative, independent and municipal utilities.
  • The PUC helps resolve disputes between customers and their utilities.
  • The PUC operates the South Dakota Do Not Call Registry.
  • The PUC’s Web site,, contains a wealth of information including audio Web casts and recordings of meetings and hearings.
  • The Commission also operates the natural gas pipeline safety program and licenses and inspects state public grain warehouses and grain buyers.